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Your script will make audiences laugh, cry and want to change their lives. Bringing a character to life on stage is when you feel most alive. Designing sets or lights/sound or costumes is your absorbing passion. Bringing a cast and crew together and directing them is what you were meant to do with your life. If any of these ring true to you, you've found your tribe. The Theatre Tribe is a group of aspiring and professional actors, playwrights, directors, costume designers, tech designers and crew members who want to connect with each other. Our online community features expert news, discussion forums, member stories, audition and event information----all on a gamified system where you are rewarded with "coins" for joining in the conversations which you can use to bid on prizes inside tribe sponsored auctions. We also understand that real relationships require some face-to-face interaction so we combine the power of the Tribalry online platform with live events organized by our tribe members and sponsors. If you would like to request an invitation to join the Utah Theater Tribe, please click on the "Join Tribe" button and tell us more about why you want to join.
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