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Do you embrace medical innovation, collaboration and cooperation? Do you watch for cutting-edge research, practices and technology? Do you thrive in areas of peer feedback and mentorship? Then you’ve found your tribe.

This community brings together Utah’s finest Physicians and facilitates meaningful connection between its members. This is done through interactive, face-to-face events in addition to our private, online platform centered on medical discussion forums and best practice sharing.

If you are a certified medical doctor and would like to join the Physicians Tribe, click on the “Join Tribe” button.


Society of Friends

Building strong bridges of connection and trust.

Collaboration is the most effective means of advancement and we make creating deep levels of connection and trust the priority. Whether working or vacationing together, this tribe has each other’s back.

Masters of Medicine

Learning and sharing the secrets of our field.

We work to assist healing individuals by evidence-based practices. Using research, collaboration and experience to assist healing or eliminate disease is our passion. We innovate solutions to the world’s most complicated medical problems.

Artists of Escape

Retreating to the world’s most beautiful places.

We live in a fast-paced, competitive environment. This day-to-day stress needs to be balanced with the other demands of life. We mentor each other on ways to achieve an effective life eco-system.

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